Every company has real highs and lows but this has been building. At the start of 2012 TaylorMade released the Rocket Ballz (RBZ) driver and fairways into the marketplace that literally took golf by storm. Gradually over the last 6 years they have developed this product to a point that maybe they have lost their way slightly. It was a winning concept at the time and I will not be surprised if they hit us with something completely different and blows our mind in the next season or two. To put things into perspective however, since that launch TaylorMade have put 9 new drivers into the marketplace in 6 years. PING has put 4 in the same period which all have been just a slight variance the previous model.

Titleist in the same period has only put 3 drivers into play, the 913, 915 and 917. There is the new TS driver that will be with us in a few weeks and this shows just like PING the commitment to both their design and the understanding of what the customer wants. No matter what the economists, TV, the press say we are more cautious in our spending and these companies seem to understand that and consumer confidence in a brand is becoming more and more apparent. Having said that I am the worst person when it comes to marketing pitches and am convinced that every new product on the market will be better than the last.

Look out for the new TS drivers and fairways in the next few weeks as we will have them in store on day of launch.