Laytown and Bettystown Golf Club
Terms of Competitions 2020

Table of Contents

Terms of Competition (Committee Procedures Section 5A)
01. The Rules of Golf: 
02. Handicapping:
03. Eligibility:
04. Method of Entry and Score Card:(Rule 3.3b)
08. How Ties Will Be Decided:
09. Motorised Buggies:
10. PLAYER CONDUCT: (Rule 1.2)
11. PACE and ORDER OF PLAY: (Rules 5.6 and 6.4)




Terms of Competition (Committee Procedures Section 5A)


The following Terms of Competition under which Club Competitions (Counting, non-counting and club match play) are to be played have been drawn up by the Competitions Committee and approved by the Men's Club Committee. Members are advised to understand and obliged to comply with them.


01. The Rules of Golf:


1.01 The Rules of Golf as approved by the R & A and U.S.G.A, as may be amended from time to time, in addition to any Local Rules as made and published by Laytown and Bettystown Golf Club, shall apply to all competitions held at Laytown and Bettystown Golf Club. It is the responsibility of all players (both members and visitors) to ensure that they are familiar with, and apply, these Rules while participating in any competition held at Laytown and Bettystown Golf Club.


02. Handicapping:


2.01 Handicaps will be operated and maintained in accordance with "The Council of National Golf Unions" (CONGU) Unified Handicapping System (UHS 2016 - 2019 including Rules of Golf 2019). The UHS is based on the premise that a player will endeavour to make the best score he can at each hole in every qualifying round he plays and will report all such rounds for handicap purposes. A revised handicapping system (World Handicapping System WHS) is expected to be launched in Ireland on 2nd November 2020 but rollout around the world commences in January,2020.

2.02 All AWAY scores, including No Returns, in qualifying & non-qualifying competitions must be returned to Laytown and Bettystown Golf Club. Failure to do so as required by the UHS could lead to the suspension of offending players' handicaps under the provisions of Clause 24 of the CONGU Unified Handicapping System.

2.03 Players should familiarise themselves with the current handicap system particularly Clause 8 - Responsibilities of the Player. It should be noted that a player who fails to carry out any of the responsibilities imposed by the UHS is not entitled to a CONGU® Handicap. The current system and current developments are available at and

2.04 It is expected that every player who enters a Qualifying Competition intends to complete the round.

2.05 In all Club Competitions, including Invitation, and Open Competitions, as organised by the Competition Committee, the only handicaps acceptable and recognised for prize eligibility, shall be for players of affiliated golf clubs. 


03. Eligibility:


3.01 From April 1st each year only fully paid up members, or members who have an agreed payment plan in place, will be eligible to participate in any competition held at Laytown and Bettystown Golf Club. This restriction also applies to any players who wish to represent Laytown and Bettystown Golf Club in any inter-club team competition. 

3.02 The Committee may make Terms of Competition that restrict who is eligible to play in the competition. Only players who meet the eligibility criteria for certain competitions, as laid down by the Competitions Committee, may enter those competitions. (The Committee may waive restrictions in certain circumstances). In addition the following restrictions apply to certain categories of member:

    a) Five Day Members are not eligible to play in Laytown and Bettystown Golf Club competitions held on a Saturday or Sunday other than Open competitions. In addition, they are not entitled to participate in club match play competitions with the exception of "The Wickham Trophy", "Club Championship" or "McDonnell Cup".

    b) Overseas members are eligible to play in all club competitions with the exception of the Captain’s Prize, the President’s Prize, the Professional's Prize and club match play competitions.

    c) Intermediate members (and Provisional members) are eligible to play in all competitions with the exception of the Captain’s Prize, President’s Prize and the Professional's Prize.

    d) Student members are eligible to play in all competitions with the exception of the Captain’s Prize, President’s Prize and the Professional's Prize.

    e) Junior members

        (i) When Junior Members reach a handicap of 18 the Junior Convenor can grant them permission to play in Adult Competitions.

        (ii) Juniors with a handicap between 10 and 18 can only put their name on the timesheet for Adult Competitions 24 hours before the competition starts.

        (iii) Juniors with a handicap of 9 or less can put their name on the timesheet once the timesheets go live.

        (iv) Juniors are not permitted to play in any adult competitions without an adult playing member.

        (v) Juniors are not permitted to play in some adult competitions……these include Captains Prize, Presidents Prize, Professionals Prize and any Hamper Competitions

3.03 To be eligible to compete in a Singles Qualifying Competition at an Away Club, except for all events covered by the GUI Competition Regulations, a Member of a GUI Affiliated Golf Club must have returned at least three scores in Singles Qualifying Competitions at his Home Club, at any time on or after the corresponding date one year before the Singles Qualifying Competition at the Away Club. 

3.04 The use of a GUI Member Card number is mandatory for members of clubs affiliated to the Golfing Union of Ireland for entry into all Open Qualifying Competitions, which shall be by Computer Entry and uploaded to the Central Database of Handicaps following close of Competition. 


04. Method of Entry and Score Card:(Rule 3.3b)


4.01 Members are responsible for their name being entered on the competition timesheet.

4.02 No player is permitted to remove their name from a competition timesheet within 2 hours of their allotted tee time unless exceptional circumstances require it. Any player removing their name within 2 hours of their allotted tee time, or who fails to turn up, and who fails to provide a valid reason for doing so, will be obliged to pay a fine equal to the relevant competition fee for the competition in question before being permitted to play in another competition.

4.03 Timesheets are monitored for continuous changes and non-attendance. Any player who regularly removes their name at short notice or fails to turn up will be liable to further sanctions at the discretion of the Men’s Golf Committee.

4.04 No player may play in competition outside of designated competition time without the express permission of the Honorary Competition Secretary.

4.05 Entry fee for competition must be paid on-line, in the Pro-Shop or to a designated person as organised by the relevant committee before commencing play in the competition.

4.06 Players entering Qualifying Competitions are obliged to make their entry on the relevant computer provided by competition committees for that purpose.

4.07 A player who fails to enter a Qualifying Competition in the required manner is deemed to have neither a score for the competition nor a score for handicap purposes.

4.08 It is the responsibility of each competitor to enter their name, the date, and correct playing handicap on the scorecard. In instances where a printed label is available it is up to the member to ensure that the printed label is correct.

4.09 After completion of the designated round, score cards for Handicap Qualifying Competitions must be fully completed and signed by both competitor and marker before entering the Clubhouse. In adverse weather conditions, scorecards may be checked, marked and signed in the area outside the locker room.  

4.10 Failure to adhere to paragraph 4.08 and 4.09 will result in disqualification of player in question under Rule 3.3b of "The Rules of Golf", as defined by the "Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews.

4.11 All scorecards for qualifying competitions must be returned as soon as possible after completion of the designated round and scores entered on the designated computer and placed in the appropriate collection area. Under Clause 23 and 24 of the Unified Handicapping System the Competition Committee may apply a sanction to any player who regularly fails to return a card for a qualifying competition. When deemed appropriate by the Committee these sanctions may include the suspension of a players handicap for a predetermined period.

4.12 Failure to enter a score in the Club Computer System for a Club 'Singles' Competition may result in the competitor being ineligible to compete in the Club's next 'Singles' Competition. This is a matter for the Tournament Committee to determine. In the case of a second offence, the competitor will be ineligible to compete in the Club's next two 'Singles' Competitions. The Committee is entitled to suspend a player’s right to compete in Club Competitions for a specified period or, for more persistent offences, to suspend a handicap for an appropriate period.

4.13 Non-Returns in Qualifying Singles Competitions:
The CONGU - UHS recommendations will be enforced. These can be viewed online on at The 0.1 increase to handicaps will not apply if a completed scorecard is not submitted or if less than 18 holes are played. Reasons such as inclement weather or fellow competitors abandoning a member during a round will not be accepted. When a group decides to leave the Course during a round, they forfeit their entitlement to the 0.1 increase in handicap. If for a genuine and unforeseen reason, a player has to terminate a round early, he should submit a written explanation to the Handicap Secretary within three days, with an email to being the preferred option. Brief excuses written on scorecards are not acceptable. If the Handicap Committee subsequently accepts your reason for a Non-Return or Partial-Return, the 0.1 increase to the player’s handicap will then be processed.

4.14 A player should raise any Rules issues with the Competition Committee before returning his scorecard.

4.15 In accordance with Rule 3.3 of the "Rules of Golf", as defined by the "Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews, no alteration (of any kind) may be made on a score card after the competitor has returned it to the Competition Committee. Returned to the Competition Committee is defined in our case as putting your card in the Competition Box.

4.16 All competitions will be deemed to be closed once results have been publicly announced and no further alteration of final result will be permitted, unless it is to rectify an error made by the Competition Committee.




5.01 The player shall start:

5.01.01 At the time laid down by the Competition Committee, or if permitted by them:

5.01.02 At the time reserved on the advance timesheet in the absence of 5.01.01, 

5.01.03 In turn, on the basis of pairing off upon arrival in the absence of 5.01.01 or 5.02.02.

5.02 Players shall not compete in a competition prior to the official start time, unless with advance permission from the Competitions Committee.

5.03 Players shall not compete in a competition after the last tee-time indicated on the timesheet, unless with advance permission from the Competitions Committee.

5.04 Competitors shall remain throughout the round in the group arranged by the Competitions Committee unless that Committee authorises or ratifies a change or unusual circumstances occur on the course such as an emergency with a fellow player.




6.01 The conditions under which Club Match Play Competitions are to be played shall be laid down by the Competitions Committee and displayed on notice boards and beside draw sheets.




7.01 When timesheets are in operation, players:

7.01.01 may reserve only one line, (i.e. a maximum of four name slots).

7.01.02 may not have the word partners or numbers displayed, (full and complete names only to be used). Exception: Opens & Invitations where “Guest with First Name Last Name” can be used.

7.01.03 shall not insert names in unallocated time slots, (i.e. in buffer time slots).

7.01.04 shall not play unless they have an allocated time slot (i.e. may not cut in between groups).

7.01.05 should be present at the 1st tee, and ready to play, five minutes before their starting time.

7.01.06 must notify their opposition and partner in the time as laid down by the Competitions Committee if they are withdrawing from the time sheet, especially if the withdrawal leaves fellow competitors without opposition, or in the case of a team event leaves a member without a partner. (Reserving a time is a commitment to play with or mark for the other players at that time slot). Failure to notify their opposition and partner in the time as laid down by the Competitions Committee in 7.03 below, or without reasonable explanation, will allow the opposition or partner the right to report a breach of the rule to the Competitions Committee for disciplinary action.

7.02 Should a member of the Club be reported to the Competition Secretary for breach of Rule 7.01.06 the Competition Committee has the right to discipline the offending member by informing that said member he will be ineligible to compete in the Club’s next competition (of a similar format). In the case of a second offence the competitor will be ineligible to compete in the Club’s next two competitions (of a similar format).

7.03 A member who withdraws his name from a timesheet within 2 hours of their tee time, or fails to show on the day of the competition without a reasonable explanation, will have the entry fee for the competition deducted from his Competitions Account.


08. How Ties Will Be Decided: 


8.01 The manner in which ties are to be decided will be by matching the tied score cards to determine the winner based on count-back, as approved by Royal & Ancient Rules Limited. Matching  Scorecards is also known as Scorecard Count-Back. See 5.A of committee procedures within the official rules of golf for full details.

8.02 For 36 hole competitions, decided on last 18 holes and if still tied, proceed as per 18 hole matching below.

8.03 For 18 hole competitions, decide on last 9 holes--6--3--2--1 and if still tied, decide on first 9 holes--6--3--2--1 of first 9.

8.04 If this procedure does not produce a result, the winner will then be determined by lot. In the event of the Tournament Committee permitting play to start at any tee other than the 1st tee the last nine holes, for the purpose of deciding ties, will be from the 10th to 18th hole.

09. Motorised Buggies:


9.01 Motorised golf buggies may only be used with the permission of the Men's Committee and provided the player is in possession of a current medical certificate of disability signed by the Medical Doctor, Physiotherapist or Physical Therapist.

9.02 If using own buggy, a copy of the relevant insurance certificate must also be submitted.

9.03 The buggy may only be used by the person named on the certificate and may carry only their equipment and caddy. The buggy can be shared with another player in the group as long as that person is in possession of a current medical certificate of disability signed by a Medical Doctor, Physiotherapist or Therapist. (Penalty for breach - Disqualification of the offending player or players).


10. PLAYER CONDUCT: (Rule 1.2)


10.01 All players are expected to play by the Rules and within the spirit of the game. In addition:

10.02 Competitors playing in an Inter-Club match or an internal Club Match should, if practical, be extended the courtesy of being called through by a slower group.

10.03 The maximum grouping allowed on the Course is four players, unless otherwise authorised by the Tournament Committee. 


11. PACE and ORDER OF PLAY: (Rules 5.6 and 6.4)


11.01 All players. should play at a prompt pace throughout the round, in accordance with Rules 5.6a and 5.6b of the Rules of Golf, including the time taken to:
    (a) Prepare for and make each stroke,
    (b) Move from one place to another between strokes, and
    (c) Move to the next teeing area after completing a hole.

11.02 A player should prepare in advance for the next stroke and be ready to play when it is their turn. It is recommended that the player make the stroke in no more than 40 seconds after the player is (or should be) able to play without interference or distractions. The player should be able to play more quickly than that and is encouraged to do so.

11.03 Depending on the form of play, there are times when players may play out of turn to help the pace of play:
(a) In match play, the players may agree that one of them will play out of turn to save time. (Rule 6.4a)
(b) In stroke play, players may play “ready golf” in a safe and responsible way (Rule 6.4b)

11.04 Slow play may be penalised under Rule 5.6.

11.05 Members must ‘clock in’ and ‘clock out’ when required to do so.




12.01 Prize winners are expected to attend Prize Presentations as a courtesy to our Officers, Sponsors and Members whose generosity is much appreciated. If, due to exceptional circumstances, players are unable to be present to receive their prizes they should nominate another person to collect their prizes on their behalf.




13.01 The criteria for determining the number and level of prizes in competitions are settled by the Competitions Committee. For certain designated Singles Competitions, Class prizes and Forward tee prizes will be awarded on the following basis, subject to sufficient entries:
Class 1: H/c: -9 to 12,   Class 2: H/c: 13 to 18,   Class 3: H/c: 19 to 54, Forward Tees: H/c 20 to 54 and over 60 years of age.

13.02 A gross prize will be awarded in all Singles Competitions for the best gross score of the day.

13.03 A player shall receive only one prize in the Competition of the Day with the exception of The Peter Lyons Cup and Shield. If any player wins both the Cup (Best Nett score) and the Shield (Best Gross score) that player will take both prizes. This exception only applies to the winning position.




14.01 In all competitions, players are responsible for ensuring that they promptly return their Scorecards after completing their round. Competitions will close 30 minutes after the final group has completed the last hole. (Penalty for returns posted after Close of Competition = Disqualification). 

14.2 The result of a competition is final when it has been posted on the Club website and on the Notice Board in the Men’s Locker Room. If an issue arises after the publication of the results which warrants the disqualification of a prize winner under Rule 20.2e or by virtue of an administrative error, a new result will be published.



15.1 For details of practising on the Course, before or between stroke play rounds (Rule 5.2b), refer to the conditions applying under the Club’s Local Rules.

15.2 The Tournament Committee reserves the right to:     
15.2.1 Refuse any entry.
15.2.2 Correct any mistakes made in the checking of scorecards.
15.2.3 Alter the type of Competition or the ‘Terms of Competition’ in advance of the start of the Competition if it is deemed necessary, and provided it is advised in advance to those competing.
15.2.4 Cancel a Competition due to insufficient entries, to postpone or to abandon it, or to suspend it for a period, at any stage, due to exceptional circumstances, in the event of the likelihood of play resuming, if it so decides.