Greens Notices

2018 Winter Program


  1. Rough cutting and scarifying will be completed throughout the course, paying particular attention to landing areas and also lush low-lying areas.

  2. Verti-draining of all fairways will be completed. 

  3. There are 3 x specific bunkers that will be re-built during this winter

    • 17th Hole – bunker at front left corner of green

    • 8th Hole – bunker at front right of green

    • 4th hole – bunker closet to the green on left side

    • Note: - Several other bunkers require minor maintenance

  4. Front left corner of 16th green to be revisited – work completed during 2017 winter program has not proved to be successful – the extremely dry summer has not helped with the establishment of the newly sodded areas  while the mounding closest to the green will need to be re-assessed. 

  5. Path at 4th green leading to 5th tee box. This will most likely be a 2 year plan. Initially, establish a new path on the east side of the green (sea side) where caddy-cars & golf-buggies will exit the green area towards the 5th tee. When this is established (2nd year), then the existing path will be closed and removed, requiring all golfers to use newly established path.

  6. All paths & steps to be evaluated - resurfacing / matting to be upgraded or replaced.

  7. Ladies 18th Tee-box to be levelled.