Winter Program 2020/21

Photography by David Lyons

Full Report

Laytown & Bettystown golf Club

Established Maintenance Activities

  • Aeration, over-seeding, top dressing of greens, aprons, and tee-boxes
  • Verti-draining of all fairways has been completed 
  • Rough cutting and scarifying has been completed throughout the course, paying attention to landing areas and lush low-lying areas
Laytown & Bettystown golf Club

Bunker Renewal

There are 4 x specific bunkers that have been re-built during this winter

  • 2nd Hole – bunker at front right corner of green
  • 13th Hole – bunker at left side of green
  • 16th hole – bunker at front left and right corners of green

Note: - Several other bunkers repaired as required. 

Laytown & Bettystown golf Club

New Paths & Steps

  • 18th hole – from bell to carpark i.e. exit from the course 
  • Right side of 18th Fairway 
    • Gets a lot of use from golfers and course staff / machinery
  • Gorse both sides of steps to the Ladies 6th Tee box has been removed. In addition, we installed rubber matting at the bottom of the steps
  • Back of 14a Par 3 green to the 18th Fairway, 
    • the old path close to the road has been cleaned up & put into use
    • the existing path has been re-surfaced and closed of for the present
  • The top of the steps from the toilet to the 8th tee box was levelled & re-sodded
Laytown & Bettystown golf Club

New Paths & Steps 2

  • 4th hole – drop from 4th fairway to 9th fairway 
    • machine path was reworked and tidied up
    • also area beside this was raised and re-sodded. This area is very low lying, rough ground and gets a lot of use.
  • Path back to 17th tee box
    • establish a defined path with level surface and surrounding area cleaned up 


Laytown & Bettystown golf Club

1st Tee Complex

Back of Ladies Tee box has been lowered by approx. 18” – 24”

  • This area extends from the back of ladies tee back all the way to the “L&B GC” headstone beside tarmac path leading from the clubhouse to tee complex. 
  • Allows sight of the 2nd green from the carpark, and gives members, guests & visitors a perspective of the links views to be expected on the golf course. 
  • The whole area has been reshaped, with special consideration needed for what signage can / should be erected in the area.
Laytown & Bettystown golf Club

1st Tee Complex 2

  • Divot bag stand has been relocated and the old area of stand re-sodded.
  • Bush on the left side of path to back tee has been removed and area tidied.
  • Dead tree at the front of back tee has been removed, roses pruned and bushes shaped
Laytown & Bettystown golf Club

2nd Hole

  • Old Red tee-box has been removed & area re-shaped to allow for easy cutting & access to the fairway.
  • Path from White/Green tee to fairway has been removed, and new grass path has been established, closer to beach side of fairway
  • 65 meters of gravel path has been removed, and area re-shaped & re-sodded.
  • Higher section of men’s tee-box has been levelled
Laytown & Bettystown golf Club

Trees/Bows/Sea Buckthorn

  • Low growing bows have been removed & made safe
    • Right side of 15th Fairway
    • Right side of 14a Fairway
    • Right side of 18th Fairway
    • Along roadside – several areas have been addressed
Laytown & Bettystown golf Club

Trees/Bows/Sea Buckthorn 2

  • Sea buckthorn is a growing problem in several areas of the course.
    • This is not a new problem and needs to be addressed on an ongoing basis. The solution to the problem is to dig the plant up by the roots and destroy. 
      • Left side of 14th fairway
      • Quarry area in front of 12th tee box
      • Right side of 14a Par 3 


Laytown & Bettystown golf Club

Directional Signage

New direction signage has been created and installed throughout the golf course using Oak Sleepers. All work has been completed in-house including design, routing, painting, and installation of the new signage.

Laytown & Bettystown golf Club

Directional Signage 2

There has been full engagement from all Course staff in relation to completing this activity on the course signage, which has been undertaken over the last couple of months. Special call-out to Eamonn Reynolds & Mark “Jack” Black for the work, effort & commitment on this task.