Laytown & Bettystown golf Club


There were 4 x bunkers re-built during this winter

  • 8th – 2 x bunker’s right side of fairway
  • 12th – bunker at front right corner of green
  • 12th – bunker on left side of fairway

Note, there were also several repairs to other bunkers throughout the course

Laytown & Bettystown golf Club

Rough and Tee Boxes

Rough cutting and scarifying has been completed throughout the course, paying particular attention to landing areas and also lush low-lying areas. This practice will be supplemented in late spring / early summer with selective spraying of a graminicide know as “Rescue” which targets the unwanted broad leaf grasses. We have recently seen 2 extremes of Irish weather – drought in Summer 2018, and extremely high rainfall in Autumn 2019. The rough cutting has been adjusted to match the weather conditions. It will  be adapted to suit the conditions & the course.

Laytown & Bettystown golf Club

New Path's

We established a new path at the 4th green leading to 5th tee box. It was constructed on the east side of the green. The new path has now been well established and will be putting this path into permanent use. The second phase of the project will be to remove the existing path on left side of the green, therefore requiring all golfers to use the newly established path. The work started at the end of Jan 2020. The area will be reshaped and the existing path will be removed and full re-sodding will take place.

Laytown & Bettystown golf Club

Mens 17th Tee-Box

Steps to the Men’s 17th Tee-boxes have been refurbished, side wall re-sodded and also new artificial matting fitted. There are several other steps to be addressed over the coming weeks & months – further updates will be available when the work has been completed.

Laytown & Bettystown golf Club

Path To Practice Ground

Work has commenced on the pathway at back of the clubhouse to access practice fairway, or 4th tee – this new path will be wide enough for buggy access and at a much lower gradient. When completed, the surface will be finished in asphalt, with the sides and surrounding areas re-sodded.

Laytown & Bettystown golf Club

Practice Ground

Work on the Practice fairway has been ongoing over the past 12 months. Range Rules were established during 2019 in conjunction with the Men’s and Ladies committees and are posted at the pathway leading to the practice fairway, and also at both ends of the fairway.